Marriage settlement

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MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT. An agreement made by the parties in contemplation of marriage by which the title to certain property is changed, and the property to some extent becomes tied up, and is rendered inalienable. Rice's Eq. R. 315. See 2 Hill, Ch. R. 3; Ril. Ch. Cas. 76; 8 Leigh, 29; 1 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 389; 2 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 103; 1 Bald. 344; 15 Mass. 106; 1 Yeates, 221; 7 Pet. 348; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3947. Vide Settlement, Contracts.

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It appears that, even at the time of her marriage, Katherine had not fully understood the nature of her inheritance, for just prior to her wedding, and as part of a marriage settlement, she had conveyed her estates to solicitor Randolph John Want in an effort to bar the tail.
Perry should have been compensated immediately, as part of the marriage settlement, in some fashion for the loss on the sale and replacement break on his share of the proceeds when the home was eventually sold.
Be that as it may, the Aston Furnace was certainly working by 1641 as it is mentioned in the marriage settlement of Sir Thomas Holte and Anne Littleton.
Eventually, however, he managed to hang on to a best bit, his 1688 marriage settlement including the mansion house, orchard, gardens, buildings, barns, stables, outhouse and dove house.
On September 5, 1996, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a release clause in a marriage settlement agreement barred later tort claims arising from the marriage.
Katina won an pounds 8,850,000 marriage settlement last month - as well as pounds 2,500 a month maintenance each for children William 13, and Arianna, 10.
She had married Sir Thomas's eldest son, Walter, after some typically lengthy negotiations about her marriage settlement between her own father, General Pitt-Rivers, and Walter's.
As a sexual chattel, a suspected wife (sotah) can be put through a barbaric ordeal without evidentiary proof, but as the owner of a valuable marriage settlement she cannot be deprived of her property without due process.
One of the biggest outlays which the head of a family faced during his working life was the marriage settlement of his children.
The marriage settlement still exists and shows that she inherited Blakesley Hall, notwithstanding the rift between the Smalbrokes and Colmores.
However, the que en returned to her policy by attempting to persuade Catherine de Medicis to convert Henri de Navarre's governorship of Guyenne into an apanage as a part of the marriage settlement.
In 1709, it was mentioned in a marriage settlement as a water corn mill and although described in 1702 as a 'very ancient mill', it was still in use in 1907.