Marriage settlement

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MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT. An agreement made by the parties in contemplation of marriage by which the title to certain property is changed, and the property to some extent becomes tied up, and is rendered inalienable. Rice's Eq. R. 315. See 2 Hill, Ch. R. 3; Ril. Ch. Cas. 76; 8 Leigh, 29; 1 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 389; 2 Dev. & Bat. Eq. 103; 1 Bald. 344; 15 Mass. 106; 1 Yeates, 221; 7 Pet. 348; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3947. Vide Settlement, Contracts.

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Exorbitant marriage settlements are the reason why many Afghans -- both females and males -- fail to get married.
That application was also rejected in April because immigration officials believed Gareth would not go back to New Zealand due to their previous application for a marriage settlement visa.
Clearly, negotiating a marriage settlement required a fair amount of legal sophistication and, in all likelihood, a broad-minded and generous spouse-to-be.
We argue that more attention needs to be given to the importance in his novels of key features of the transfer of wealth within families, particularly through primogeniture, entail, and the marriage settlement, as well as to the critical awareness that Trollope showed in his treatment of them.
In March 1877 the New South Wales parliament passed a Private Act authorising the trustees of the marriage settlement of Katherine Darley and William Bassett to sell and dispose of certain lands at Manly Beach and elsewhere in the Colony', (1) thereby ending a legal saga the origins of which lay in decisions made half a century earlier.
Under subsequent royal ownership, it formed part of Catherine of Aragon's marriage settlement, reverting to Worcester Priory and, after the Dissolution, to the Talbot family, here until 1780.
The deeds of the property show that Rhyd Fawr formed part of a marriage settlement in 1693, so it is thought that this Long House dated back to the start of the 17th century.
The first step came with a marriage settlement for the Earl's grandson.
It must have been heartbreaking to Osborne that in the several months prior to the conclusion of the marriage settlement, William's father wrote not a single line of welcome to her.
FORMER Liverpool racing driver Guy Edwards has failed to win permission to challenge a marriage settlement which he claimed gave his former wife more than half of their pounds 18.
Rabbinic sources indicate the custom of dowering a daughter and of a marriage settlement (ketubbah) to be paid by the husband to his wife if she was divorced or widowed.
The new law provides for: divorce by consent on common request; automatically pronounced divorce (no fault) when the spouses have lived separate for four years at least; marriage settlement at a rate of half between the spouses for professionals; alimonies, possibly due to one of the spouses are calculated independently of any "fault" and only on the basis of objective criteria: for example, duration of the marriage, the age, the health, the income and the fortune of the spouses, the allocation of the functions during the marriage, the extent and duration of the care due to common children; and finally, for the first time, joint parental authority becomes possible.