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Satir claimed that the goal of marriage therapy was "not to maintain the relationship nor to separate the pair but to help each other to take charge of himself.
Clinical Practice: The majority of my clinical practice today focuses on work with ministry leaders and professional couples in marriage therapy, as I've shifted to a reduced caseload now due to other ministry and professional responsibilities.
Contrary to current methods used in marriage therapy, Gottman and his colleagues found that "active listening" (using techniques such as paraphrasing the partner's statement about a problem) rarely occurs during conflict resolution and does not predict successful marriage outcomes.
Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC announces one year of success helping couples in the St.
Devika Singh is a psychologist from Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre who specialises in marriage therapy and emotional intelligence coaching.
Despite this somewhat idyllic formulation, I want to suggest that psychoanalytic treatment can assist in the pursuit of virtues essential to healthy relationships and that we might consider the function of marriage therapy as akin to a spiritual discipline.
A Gottman Institute consultant who has gone through the Institute's intense training for marriage therapy, Joan Hoffman has specialized in couples and family therapy, with expertise in child development and family relations, for more than 30 years.
I told him to go back into marriage therapy," the New York Post quoted Dylan as saying.
Phil, LCSW, Executive Director for The Center for Community Stabilization, lives in Rogers, AR, where she also has a private practice offering counseling to individuals, children and families, and marriage therapy.