married life

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Why, just before you came in Amy said they'd never had a quarrel in the whole of their married life.
But with Princess Mary, to whom they were trying to get him engaged, he could never picture anything of future married life.
In fact, a chill tremor went through me as I realised that, to all intent, I was at length respectably settled down, with quite a considerable retrospect of happy married life.
Harmon Andrews told me when I came home that I wouldn't likely find married life as much better than teaching as I expected.
Karnegie wished to know whether after twenty years of married life, she was considered to be not worth answering by her own husband.
Never, in the weeks of their married life, had Billy found her dowdy, or harshly irritable, or lethargic.
His mother had been in her youth a brilliant society woman, who had had during her married life, and still more afterwards, many love affairs notorious in the whole fashionable world.
During our married life she continued to divide her time and strength between our home and the work for the school.
Like most other young matrons, Meg began her married life with the determination to be a model housekeeper.
Such experiences as the foregoing were not uncommon in her married life.
And it was all very nice - the large, sunny room; his deep, easy-chair in a bow window, with pillows and a footstool; the quiet, watchful care of the elderly, gentle woman who had borne him five children, and had not, perhaps, lived with him more than five full years out of the thirty or so of their married life.
My tale draws to its close: one word respecting my experience of married life, and one brief glance at the fortunes of those whose names have most frequently recurred in this narrative, and I have done.