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Toward his fifth wife, Janis Freedman--a Canadian forty years his junior, with whom at eighty-four, Bellow fathered a daughter (Naomi Rosie)--the serial marrier had nothing but kind words.
The CDGR as a precautionary measure arranged seven emergency relief centres at Islamia High School No 4, FG Girls High School Daryabad, MC Boys High School Rata Amral, FG Boys High School Marrier Hassan, Government High School Safdarabad, Government High School Babu Lal Hussain Road and Government High School Millat Colony.
For some reason the very mention of this Buddhist, humanitarian campaigner and marrier of super models provokes an extreme reaction in many people, but I think he's all right.
Chiappinelli, The Life And Adventures Of Unocal--Part I: Moore The Marrier, 23 DEL.
More the marrier JEREMY Ortell Kingston of Salt Lake City dad to 17 kids has been jailed for a year for marrying Lu-Ann Kingston, 15.
Many liqueurs, however, are made with a specific spirit, such as Scotch in Drambuie, Cognac in Grand Marrier or Irish Whiskey in Baileys.
A narrator who constantly questions his own narration, a successful writer and "serial marrier," he's quite a conversationalist himself.
Chiappinelli, The Life and Adventures of Unocal -- Part I: Moore the Marrier, 23 DEL.
21) Not surprisingly, David Paterson was never ordained, but he did well enough in a different career as an irregular marrier.
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Marrier, who has stepped down as Stacey's chairman, CEO and president, but will remain a director, stated: "I'm excited about our strategic alliance with Star.