Marrying a foreigner

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Country: United States of America
State: Illinois

I'm a US citizen, and my go is Malaysian. We are thinking of getting marry. What is the fastest and most easiest way to do that? if she come her and we get marry in US, would the process go faster as oppose to getting marry in Malaysia. how long is the process?


It takes about four months however you do it--
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Many women in this situation claim that the common thought in the Kingdom is that they are being punished for marrying a foreigner. The demeaning glances, even though they are less intense now, are accompanied by verbal comments, women say.
"Unlike marrying a foreigner, a Saudi man won't need a permit from the Ministry of Interior when marrying a Saudi living abroad," Suwailem was quoted as saying by the Saudi newspaper al-Hayat, adding that there are several advantages of marrying Saudi women living abroad.
But the actual problem started after marriage, and not with her married life but the regulations pertaining to marrying a foreigner. a€?Actually, I had no idea about the laws relating to the residency of my husband and also the laws associated with marriage to a foreigner,a€Y Salma said lamenting that nobody from the concerned authorities informed her about marriage conditions laid as under the marriage laws.
Is your problem about marrying a foreigner and not having your future husband and children enjoy the benefits of being a Bahraini?
Abdulellah, a 48-year-old Saudi, said he faced many social and legal issues when he returned to the kingdom after marrying a foreigner.