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The post Risk of mass starvation rapidly rising in Africa, Yemen -- UN appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Speaking on the occasion, LCCI president said Pakistan is getting close to the brink of mass starvation yearly.
A survivor of the Ukraine's mass starvation, Leo has climbed the party ranks by playing along with such hypocrisies, carrying out his orders without question.
Mumtaz said that with every passing year, Pakistan was getting close to the brink of mass starvation because of a drastic cut in water availability from 5,000 cubic meters per capita in 1950s to 1000 cubic meters in 2010.
Right through mass rebellion, mass starvation, cannibalism.
The result was mass starvation amongst the Ukrainian people.
The plan spectacularly backfired, leading to the collapse of the economy and mass starvation.
With the world expecting a further three billion mouths to feed in the next 50 years it is clear that only science can give us any hope of avoiding mass starvation.
The theory, widely disseminated by leftist groups, was supported by P R Ehrlich's catastrophic predictions which argued that the world population growth rate was far too high and we had to halt it somehow; otherwise mass starvation would threaten countries like China and India.
Gareth Jones' main career scoop came in 1933, when he wrote an article reporting that Ukrainians were suffering from mass starvation.
For example, in the 19th century Thomas Malthus predicted population growth would outpace agricultural production and lead to mass starvation in Europe.
commission of inquiry issued a report last month that detailed systematic executions, torture, rape and mass starvation by North Korea's authoritarian government.