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z] is offered by DYC controller to make the nominal value of yaw angular velocity and side-slip angle of mass center tracked well in the steering condition.
Sideslip angle [beta] of mass center at current k + 1 time is the time series function which is composed of the yaw rate [[omega].
Figure 2(b) shows the coordinate system defined at the mass center, where point C represents the mass center of the tethered satellite system, and the position vector from points O to C is expressed as [[?
These measurements results serve in basis to determine the values and speed of the object mass center translational motion as well as the angle and speed of its rotational motion.
Data centralised for technical aquisitions manifested in trail running Running sequence Romanian athlets up hill/down hill Segment/globally UP HILL Head --Leaning, over the knee line Arms --Arms movement forward -bak -without rhythm Back --Back oscillates with left-right movements Inferior --Contact is done ona large surface Limbs on the sole, medium steps Globally --Arms and feet movement doesn't represent a good belt dissociation, without rhythm, mass center falls before toes.
For the microscopic particle described by Equation (5) or Equation (6), the position of the mass center of the particle is known and determinant, which is just <x'> = [x'.
However, their appears to be several related biomechanical effects which may be indirectly related to racket velocity and characteristic of player skill level such as the movements of adjacent body segments, the overall body mass center, and the work done by various joints.
Ultimately, particles in such a system will be arranged in such a fashion that the mass center will be at the geometric center of the figure (ideal sphere).
All things being equal, a change in the geometry of the core of the ball changes the location of the mass center and the second moments of inertia, which affects the dynamics of the ball, Pennock explained.
Impact Expected result Test bench Zero gravity model model Y-axis force Load acceleration along Y-axix, then + + its stopping X-axis torque Load rotation around mass center + + without location changing Complex impact plain movement of of Y-axis force complex load + + and torque around X-axis No external forcesLoad is motionless - +