center of gravity

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So, the reduction of maximum value is done by moving the mass centers [G.
G], [phi]", [phi]' are the first and second derivatives of the corresponding generalized coordinates; I(Q) is the moment of inertia of the device and mass center in respect of the contact point.
We now determine the acceleration of the mass center of the microscopic particles and its rules of motion in an externally applied potential.
However, their appears to be several related biomechanical effects which may be indirectly related to racket velocity and characteristic of player skill level such as the movements of adjacent body segments, the overall body mass center, and the work done by various joints.
Ultimately, particles in such a system will be arranged in such a fashion that the mass center will be at the geometric center of the figure (ideal sphere).
Full 3D measurements, approximate part volume, mass center and more
The bank thrust de-synchronization is mitigated by the orientation of the bank thrust through the mass center of the vehicle through tilted nozzles.