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SOA] = steady-state indoor SOA mass concentration ([mu]g/[m.
The large particle mass concentration results obtained with the PCI and the small particle number concentration data obtained using the SMPS can be compared if the particles are given an assumed density so that the particle number concentration data can be converted into mass concentration.
5] mass concentrations were also negatively related to the mean of the F3 methylation distribution.
The mass concentration results provided by combining the data from the two instruments are now more consistent.
PM in the airstream was collected on a filter during the 130-min exposure, and gravimetric determinations of mass concentrations reported.
If this is true, correlation between surface area and mass concentration might explain the association between preterm birth and mass concentration, as has been previously reported for mortality (Maynard and Maynard 2002).
10] mass concentration did not appear to be a good surrogate measure of livestock-related ambient endotoxin, as spatial variation of P[M.
5] mass concentration (left) in Europe and the United States (20[degrees]-70[degrees]N, I70[degrees]W-40[degrees]E) and (right) in China (18[degrees]-55[degrees]N, 72[degrees]-136[degrees]E) ([micro]g [m.
Their study focused mainly on the effects of the inclination angle and the operating pressure on the heat transfer of the heat pipe using the nanofluid with the mass concentration of CuO nanoparticles of 1.
Focusing on count, rather than mass concentration extrapolated from a count, removes the error introduced with default assumptions about the optical properties and density of the airborne particulates present.
The fuels emitting the highest mass concentration of particles (Micro Soot Sensor) were gasoline and methanol followed by ethanol.