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As a result, suggestions have been made to use oxidative potential (OP) as an additional metric to PM mass concentrations to measure PM toxicity (Ayres et al.
The longitudinal velocity lag, turbulent kinetic energy of gas, and particle mass concentration, affected by gravity, viscous drag, particle-turbulence, particle-particle, and particle-wall interactions as well as the Saffman and Magnus lift forces, were examined for different pipe diameters with holding constant the flow Reynolds number for various flow mass loadings.
During cooking, the number concentrations of UFPs and the mass concentrations of [PM.
Mass concentrations of oxygen and species like carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrogen chloride or hydrogen cyanide and soot can be determined using the following expression (25):
10] mass concentration measurement results were used for identifying the relationship between aerosol number and mass concentrations.
Because of the mass closure violation noted previously, the measured particle mass concentration was included as an independent variable in the PMF modelling to directly obtain the mass apportionment instead of using a regression analysis (Kim et al.
46 wt%), the mass concentration of calcium oxide (CaO) is 0.
This property quantifies the mass ratio of moisture between the phases of refrigerants or, more specifically, the mass concentration of moisture in the vapor phase divided by the mass concentration of moisture in the liquid phase of the refrigerant.
The SWW supplied into an experienced aerotank is administered with surfactant (or surfactant-containing composition) with a constant mass concentration of [S.
By following Einstein's theory of Gravitation, it's well known that a mass concentration would deform locally the Space-Time and the observed shapes of distant galaxies seen through the concentration would be deflected and distorted.
The RC213V-S has inherited the specifications of the RC213V to thoroughly ensure mass concentration and reduced friction, as well as all key aspects in manufacturing that set the RC213V apart as a MotoGP machine from ordinary mass production models, with overwhelming differences which involve light weight and precise machining of the components, plus superior expert skills required in manufacturing.