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Figure 6 shows that for the same mass flux, as the inlet quality increases, the flow regime transited from churn to separated flow and thus the distribution is worse, as shown in Figure 3.
A transient, laminar, unsteady natural convection MHD flow of a viscous incompressible fluid past an impulsively started semi-infinite isothermal vertical plate with uniform mass flux is considered.
Figure 3(b) shows ECT images corresponding to the solids mass flux of 300 kg/([m.
Numerical study has been carried out for the unsteady hydromagnetic flow past an impulsively started semi-infinite vertical plate with uniform heat and mass flux in the presence of homogeneous chemical reaction of first order.
Heat transfer coefficient was reported to be a strong function of vapor quality, which also increased with an increase in heat and mass flux.
The magnitude of mixture effects depends on various parameters such as mass flux, quality, fluid properties, etc.
6 specifies zero mass flux at the particle center due to symmetry conditions.
The refrigerant entered the test section at a known mass flux and vapor quality and was evaporated by an electric heating tape wrapped around the outside of the test tube.
If we assume isotropy and isothermal moisture transfer, then the relation between the mass flux [q.
s,t], the local time averaged mass flux can be determined:
His project category was Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics and his project was titled "The Effect of Mass Flux on the C Efficiency of Aluminized Grains in an N2O-Fed Hybrid Rocket Motor.