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4) Utilizing oil shale comprehensively not only decreases the influence of international oil price fluctuation, but maximizes the profit by adjusting the oil shale mass fraction for retorting and combustion.
The average acidity of the product is 80[degrees]T, the fat mass fraction is 0.
The mass fraction of silt + clay, in contrast, was greater in CALC than in DECALC (P < 0.
5 for the 5 % SDS mass fraction sample at 49 [degrees]C.
The fundamental parameters, including pressure drop ([DELTA]P), flow velocity (V), and solid mass fraction ([chi]), could be measured accurately using the equipment listed in Table 1.
The mass fraction of water in HA-SRM determined from mass loss of powdered HA-SRM samples heated in air at 850 [degrees]C for 16 h to 20 h, then cooled in a desiccator and weighed in the laboratory atmosphere (50% relative humidity) at ambient temperature was 1.
Table 2 presents the mass fraction of coating on the nanoparticles obtained by gravimetric measurements (before and after the alkaline etching of the coated particles) and by TG.
The biomass carbon mass fractions are seen to range from about 2% (aliphatic extract) to 38% (total carbon).
The studies mentioned above are different from the system reported in this study in which composition gradients and discrete control blends (0, 25, 50, 75, 100)% by mass fraction were deposited directly on low-e reflective IR microscope substrates and characterized by FTIR-RTM.
There is an obvious increase in the thermal stability of LLDPE with 30% mass fraction of AlN.
The certified mass fraction for each solution SRM is based on gravimetric preparation of the solution, analytical verification of the gravimetry, and purity of the starting material (when applicable).