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The effect of the GP mass fraction on the stabilization was also investigated in Fig.
The thermal conductivities of one-dimensional CuAl[O.sub.2] nanowires as a function of temperature at various mass fractions are plotted in Figure 4.
Because the higher mass fraction of paste is considered as non-Newtonian fluid, the rotator would not rotate unless stress exceeds the critical shear stress.
[Y.sub.g,i] is the mass fraction for gas [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the diffusion flux caused by concentration gradient of species i, and Rt is the substance reaction rates during chemical reactions.
10 shows the steam mass fraction distribution in the upper part of the fuel assembly.
The epoxy-lacquer and Al powder were mixed, and the Al mass fraction was controlled at 40%, 30%, 20%, or 10%.
According to (1), the entropy of detonation products behind the detonation front increases with mass fraction of reacted aluminum powder.
SEM and AFM images of the perovskite layer were obtained for mp-Ti[O.sub.2] films prepared by Ti[O.sub.2] paste with different mass fraction PS spheres.
Figure 2 indicates the relationship between the mass fraction of NaBr and the density in the solution.
(1) and (2), [Y.sub.t] is the mass fraction of species i, T is the temperature, [rho] is the density, Z is the mixture fraction, [chi] is the scalar dissipation rate, and [??] is the chemical source term of species i.
Table 1 and Figure 7 show that C[O.sub.2] mass fraction has remained relatively unchanged as the air-to-fuel ratio increased.