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These include a higher apprenticeship in engineering manufacture, apprenticeship in engineering manufacture and, introduced this year, master craftsperson.
In England, from the 12th through the 19th centuries, families paid a master craftsperson to place a family member under their tutelage.
Brewer (2011) indicates that many authors have defined apprenticeship as a form of education where a master craftsperson provides direct instruction to a student or an apprentice by passing on the skills and knowledge of the particular occupation.
Cantor (1997) articulates that, during the Colonial Period, many young men and women, often mid-teenagers, served apprenticeships under a master craftsperson while entering adulthood and preparing to become productive members of the community.
No doubt these shared experiences, situated in rather remote places within the borders of South Africa, especially within rural towns and villages, has left and enduring mark in the creative output of this prolific master craftsperson.
God is a master craftsperson, yet none can draw the lines of God's plan.
1999) defined mastery through their perceived mastery scale in a more traditional sense of a master craftsperson.
As Sean Wilentz, a labor historian, points out, the "notion of independence," embodied in the master craftsperson ideal, and "the artisan system" propelled the journeyman's "critique of proletarianization.
Until now that information was in the hands and minds of the master craftsperson.
A master craftsperson then creates a new piece using the original techniques.
But they do not need to be - the master craftsperson teaches while doing.
As I worked with master craftspersons, I helped them understand what it meant to go that extra mile to hone their skills and techniques and create perfect pieces of art.