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Building on their experiences in custom branding for organizations such as The Georgia Aquarium and The American Board of Podiatric Surgery, MCC is uniquely skilled in crafting SharePoint Master Pages for business.
Addresses SharePoint site columns, content types, master pages, and page layouts; creating a minimal SharePoint site definition; and creating WSS solution packages with Visual Studio.
The new release offers unique productivity features such as master pages, tight integration with Macromedia(R) Flash(TM) 5, and the ability to publish to both print and the Web.
The new Master Pages feature enables efficient management and updating of large projects, and the new user interface and tight integration with Macromedia Flash makes working between the two applications seamless.
1 provides new cascading style sheets (CSS), master pages, multiple control adapters and reusable content examples through "best practices".
Adobe InDesign can convert templates and master pages from QuarkXPress(R) and Adobe PageMaker(R) documents, and includes extensive support for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), enabling PDF-based digital workflows.
0-specific features like Master Pages for templating, and drag and drop controls.
0 Design: CSS, Themes and Master Pages to their offering.
Designers can also take advantage of built-in import of QuarkXPress(R) and Adobe PageMaker(R) files to transfer existing templates and master pages.

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