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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the normal ear: 42 cases out of 50 (84%) had well pneumatized mastoid air cell system in the normal ear as opposed to 8 cases (16%) that had poor pneumatization.
Opacification of the left mastoid air cells and middle ear cavity with soft tissue signal which elicits low signal in T1WI and high signal in T2WI with restricted diffusion in DWI.
A unilocular ZACD appears as radiolucency with well defined borders, while the multilocular type demonstrates numerous small cavities within, which resemble mastoid air cells. The trabecular variety is basically a multilocular entity with internal bony striations.
A transverse fracture through the external ear and mastoid air cells was present.
MRI shows mastoid air cells and middle ear cavities completely replaced by LCH.
mastoid air cells and the temporal bone with/without involvement of
Computed tomography (CT) (Figs 1a, b and c) of the brain showed a large, destructive lesion in the left ear cavity, extending anterior to the pre-auricular region and posterior to the mastoid air cells. There was destruction of the left temporal bone and external ear canal.
(1,5,6) Opened mastoid air cells, incomplete closure of the dura, and hydrocephaly are probable reasons for the leakage.
The areas of the mastoid air cells were measured on preoperative CT scans.
Intraoperatively, tympanic membrane perforation, continuity of ossicular chain, condition of middle ear mucosa, condition of mastoid air cells and antrum, patency of aditus were noted using otomicroscope and endoscopes where needed.
HRCT also revealed soft tissue opacification of the mastoid air cells on both sides with erosion of the intercellular septae.
In majority of the poorly or acellular mastoid, sclerosis of the mastoid air cells was marked.