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Given F(z) [not equal to] 0 and G(z) satisfying Assumption 13, the model matching problem by feedback (29) is always solvable.
Quite a number of approaches have been proposed to reduce the search space in case of the matching problem.
Consistency maintenance results in matching problems that some of which are at schema levels and some are at data levels (Devogele, Parent, and Spaccapietra 1998).
Let L denote the set of undirected links and w' the corresponding set of weights, the scheduling problem (18) is then equivalent to the maximum weighted matching problem on the weighted graph G' = (N, L', W').
The classical pattern matching problem is to find all the occurrences of a given pattern P = P[1.
This can be achieved by solving a weighted bipartite matching problem, with the weight of each edge equal to the degree of the column vertex it is incident on.
In this section, we define an appropriate discrete deformable template along orthogonal curves according to the 2-D polygonal objects template matching problem.
n]} (with n [greater than or equal to] 0) to a planar matching problem, we represent the items received by the algorithm by points in a rectangle [0, n] x [0, 1].
1] study this problem as the two-dimensional pattern matching problem, and describe an approximation algorithm that runs in O(N lg N) time and produces solutions that are only O(1/ [square root of log log N]) away from an optimal solution.
These sessions, which presented one, 3-choice identity matching problem involving two-dimensional nonsense stimuli, served to familiarize subjects with session operation.
Though plywood concerns have dropped from 167 to 56, the same problems are recurring, including: lack of balance (to be achieved by having the face and back the same species using back reject grade for the back and practicing proper panel storage, both by the maker and the recipient), burls and crotches not being two-plied before being laminated and the ever present matching problem in finish when bookmatching of veneers are used rather than slip matching.