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This paper applies the matching theory to solve the centralized optimization problem.
In a sense, the work of this paper has developed and enriched matching theory.
First, this is the first study to compare the joining the FHC effects using matching theory, which requires that the two types of banks have similar characteristics.
Gutmann cited another National Institutes of Health (NIH) study on economic matching theory that lead to better matching of organ donors and recipients, resulting in an increase in the number of organs available for transplant and saving lives.
The objective of this article then is to consider the design of alternative teacher preparation programs based on insights drawn from economic research and theory, including human capital theory, job matching theory, and the theory of screening.
Modelling strategies differ between institutions, and the Bank probably adopts a theoretically more pure approach to modelling than the Institute, despite the difficulty in matching theory to data.
Soliton graphs and automata have been systematically studied by the authors on the grounds of matching theory in a number of papers.
The purpose of this study was to utilize the matching theory to understand intra-response class covariation as a result of extinction for selected members of the response class versus functional communication training.
By matching theory with observations, says Seager, "we can test the models for completeness and accuracy," in a way that hasn't before been possible.
John Barclay compares Josephus' discussion of the Jewish constitution, which emphasizes matching theory and practice, with the polity reflected in 1 Corinthians, and suggests that Paul tends toward less cultural specificity in practice because his communities are culturally diverse.