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More recently, Bauer and Caskey (2006) described the antennal setae of Macrobrachium ohione (Smith) with a focus on mate recognition and sexual dimorphism.
Male-male interactions are considered to be a mate recognition mistake, because males interact with other males as if they were females in an attempt to mate with them.
Thus knowledge of the evolution of species-specificity at genetic loci involved directly in mate recognition could contribute to an understanding of biological diversification.
Mate recognition in a simultaneous hermaphroditic shrimp, Lysmata wurdemanni (Caridea: Hippolytidae).
In summary, this study demonstrates that subadult female experience does not influence general adult species-specific mate recognition in the wolf spider S.
Variation among species in mate recognition characters suggests the potential for species recognition.
It has been found that prezygotic mating isolation is not complete between two Lysmata species--Lysmata wurdemanni and Lysmata boggessi--and there is asymmetry in mate recognition between the two species.
These include mate recognition, antagonistic behaviour between males (Gwinner-Hanke 1970; Maddison & Stratton 1988a), stimulation of the female by the male (Eberhard 1996) and information transfer (Jocque 1998).
Evolution and genetic control of mate recognition and stimulation in Drosophila.
Lysmata species depend on both distance and contact sex pheromones for mate recognition (Zhang & Lin 2006, Zhang et al.