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To escape from dowry usually mate selection is prefer inside the family.
One of the most important factors influencing mate selection is that despite the changes have been witnessed, especially in recent decades, our society is still largely adhere to the customs and traditions inherited from previous generations.
In Austen's novel, students are able to observe fictional characters concerned with mate value, mate selection, resources, and status, characters engaging in inter- and intrasexual competition, and characters utilizing both short-term and long-term reproductive strategies.
Reproductive success of fish is often a function of size, which can play an important role in determining males' access to females through the mechanisms of mate selection or territoriality (Warner, 1982; Hoffman, 1985).
However, the use of newspapers as a medium of mate selection in India is very widespread.
Dr Martin Tovee, reader in visual cognition also at Newcastle University, will also give a talk on human mate selection and our perception of physical attractiveness.
Set in North Carolina's Central Piedmont in the midst of war, the novel is a story of young lovers struggling to overcome parental mate selection.
As such, the handicap principle is likely to be operating in human mate selection.
SIR - In "Singletons fight shy of 'toy boys'" (Education Wales, Jan 14) a traditionalist picture of mate selection is painted.
This suggests that the sexually dimorphic nature of canines is likely the result of selection pressures associated with mate selection.
This is an important advance in our knowledge of how mate selection works in monkeys.
Well, I can tell you this, Norm--after being single for seven years, I am sure not basing mate selection on the lady's prowess with a dust rag.