material wealth

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4.35 The society in general counts spiritual well-being and a relationship with God as more important than material wealth.
He said the Malays now appeared to be increasingly weak because they had lost the spirit of brotherhood, flawed in character and increasingly intoxicated in the pursuit of material wealth and competition for power, despite Islam having built the Malay race in the past to be disciplined, trustworthy, honest, noble and sincere.
He came jogging in full of dreams and he limped away downcast, probably resigned to his passion for material wealth. The soil was indeed rich and fertile, but the seed had little chance with the weeds and the brambles firmly in place.
Some notable ones like Bishop Daniel Obinim (Angel Obinim) and Reverend Obofour, for instance, went to the extreme of challenging each other, based on their material wealth, and showcasing their newest acquired Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, GMCs, Hyundai Sonatas, Toyota Corollas, and many others.
Many Christians fall into the trap of hoarding material wealth. It is hard to follow Christ when this becomes a way of life.
This was at the expense of not just his material wealth but most importantly personal health.Yet over and above all the tribulations, he never sold out the spirited fight for democracy and constitutionalism.
What the area lacked in material wealth was more than made up by the warmth of Cha's family and the neighborhood kids.
The GNH rejects the sole use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development, and instead adopts a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well-being of citizens and communities is given as much importance as their material well-being.
Inequalities in material wealth have increased and might still be increasing, but if the value of educational investments and returns expected from these are taken into account, wealth distribution across the world would appear to be becoming more equal.
Unfortunately, even its main area of strength - material wealth - is struggling, according to the OECD.
Literary scholars from the province look at five periods of creativity there from the 1780s to the 1990s (the periods of Loyalist awakening, emergent Acadian nationalism, Confederation awakening, mid-century emergent modernism, and modernity and urbanity in Acadian literature), and material and symbolic factors affecting change, such as influential teachers and schools, institutional apparatuses, writers and critics, social climate, material wealth, access to other cultures and cosmopolitanism, political awareness of the importance of arts in social health, stimulation by others, and the idea that culture is a fundamental human right.
By doing so, it will increase the material wealth of the family.