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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Soledad discovers that reclaiming the maternal bond and curing her mother's madness entails learning such a tragic part of her mother's life.
In this accessible contribution to understanding the nature of chemical communication, she disputes scientific studies that purport to show evidence for pheronomes driving such complex phenomena as sexual attraction, aggression, mood, menstrual synchrony, and the maternal bond.
On a related note, Olkowski argues that Merleau-Ponty's transitivist understanding of infancy makes the problem of psychological differentiation insoluble on his terms, and suggests that an Irigarayan take on the affective intersubjectivity of the maternal bond might be able to redress this.
Dr Amanda Jones helps a woman who feels love for only one of her twins to develop the maternal bond with both children.
Mother cats have a strong maternal bond with their kittens.
child in the maternal bond, such fissuring may also consume the identity
It also presents a sophisticated analysis of the tropes of Indian femininity using the theoretical lens of Indian psychoanalysis to explain the pre-figuring of the mother figure in cultural and national narratives as well as the grounding of masculinity in the maternal bond.

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