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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Four orders of polynomial were fitted for animal and maternal effects based on previous order of fit selection.
Maternal effects (genetic and environmental) were important for preweaning lamb mortality.
The low maternal heritability estimates and weak correlations between direct and maternal genetic effects for DG and BF indicate that maternal effect is relatively less important for these traits.
Genetic correlation estimates between direct and maternal effects were 0.
In general, maternal effect was observed maximum at weaning stage and then declined as the age advanced.
Maternal effects have been documented in many cases (Mousseau & Dingle 1991; Rossiter 1991; Fox 1994, 1993; Bernardo 1996; Corkum et al.
The importance or necessity of estimating the maternal effects and resulting consequences on chick body weight lies in the fact that these estimates are used to select the next generations of the female line (Szwacokowki et al.
In this study, maternal effects began to fade away after the first nine days, after which the growth of SA larvae started to slow down.
In particular, maternal effects can greatly affect seed and seedling fitness (Kirkpatrick & Lande, 1989), and contribute to GxE interactions.
Analysis of variance results showing the effects of maternal effect (ME) and mating type (MT) on survival during the larval stage.
A maternal effect on the copper concentration in the common bean seeds has not yet been investigated, and there is doubt as to whether the copper concentration displays a qualitative or quantitative inheritance.
Amongst the mRNA stored in the growing oocyte, there are some oocyte-specific genes called maternal effect genes which may account for the early cleavage regulation (29-32).

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