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Others may be confused about the math operations needed for the problem.
These articles explore such topics as understanding the properties of zero, defining mathematical equalities and common misconceptions about basic math operations such as adding and subtracting.
If carpenters cannot perform certain vital math operations, their careers will be short-lived.
Using the letters that spell out a number, Scrabble equations can be formed in this fashion: (1) put the letters of the number in a row, (2) beneath each letter put its Scrabble value, (3) place +, -, x, and / signs, as well as any parentheses needed, to form an equation whose results equal the number itself, (4) (optional) replace the Scrabble values with the letters to show the equation (but this is optional, since the solution consisting of math operations appears in the third step).
There are skills for which the student must develop fluency (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts, and rounding), but this has to be done in a manner which enables the student to make connections with the concept, such as place value, and the actual algorithms that go along with math operations.
The vocabulary enhances the young reader's understanding of math operations in words.
In other words, employers hiring GED or CHSPE graduates guarantee themselves employees in the top 60 percent of their class, who have proved that they can read, write and perform basic math operations.
The program features 33 standard waveforms, 20 math transfer functions, 13 math operations, and synthesis in both the time and frequency domain via FFF and IFFF routines.
Some "progressive" math educators believe students should work out their own algorithms in order to understand better what the math operations are all about.