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To answer this question, Greg Herzog created COLOR CODING DNA[R] a Quantum Reaction Theory using a geometric mathematical equation, where X# of points represents the makeup of a subject and each degree of expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted accordingly.
Whether we are studying intrapersonal time-binding (experienced by the individual) or interpersonal time-binding (experienced with and by others), Korzybski employs a mathematical equation, PRt, as a structure to describe time-binding in human culture.
The agencies had to work through 30,000 iterations of risk models, each of which provided a mathematical equation that calculates the risk of listeria monocytogenes in these food categones.
DataFit is designed to easily determine whether or not a relationship exists between two or more variables, describe the nature of the relationship in the form of a mathematical equation, and then assess the degree of accuracy of prediction achieved by the equation.
This methodology is patterned after the Bond Valuation Model, a mathematical equation that allows one to calculate what a bond is worth based on its future free cash flows - i.
The following mathematical equation will determine the amount of overall tax savings (or cost) that may be realized through current gifts of property to an FLP.
The 'Poker Face' hitmaker told Glamour magazine that she is not conventionally beautiful and if there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, she doesn't know if she would be the algorithm, the Daily Express reported.
WELSH language play Dim Diolch (No Thanks), has started a North Wales tour and follows the life story of George Price, the self-taught American scientist who became the first person to express selflessness in a mathematical equation.
To those who sent me them, whom I've failed to get back to, can I do so now by offering a well-known mathematical equation to sum up your findings: My auntie (+ testicles) = My uncle.
This extensive experience led to the development of “AXIS CORE[R]”, a mathematical equation to predict and change behavior, as well as a Quantum Reaction Theory: COLOR CODING DNA[R], to help better understand the foundation of the makeup of an individual in regard to performance.

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