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Hence it is a challenge for mathematicians to be able to explain mathematical solution in a simple and friendly way.
A pencil balanced on its point is an example of a mathematical solution of the laws of mechanics that is unstable; the smallest motion will cause it to fall in one direction or another.
He and McCarthy put their heads together and came up with a mathematical solution, a color bridge between the desktop creation of digital images and the commercial printers so that the color comes out exactly the way the creator intended.
That's a natural reaction, the same they might give to a complicated mathematical solution to an algebraic problem.
A mathematical solution to a problem is often perceived as preferable to one derived by nonquantitative means.
then worked out a precise, mathematical solution of the problem in one, two and three dimensions.
Dr Li Wang, Professor Roland Wilson and Dr Abhir Bhalerao, who founded the company in 2006, created a mathematical solution to overcoming distortions such as cuts and scars.
He discusses entrepreneurship, socialism, Ludwig von Mises and the start of the debate on economic calculation, the unjustified shift in the debate toward statics: the argument of formal similarity and the so-called mathematical solution, and Oskar Lange and the competitive solution.
2]]) must be taken into account for the definition of the mathematical solution.
Habib also spent time crunching the numbers using the old, bipedal launch model and simply couldn't find a mathematical solution that would enable the largest of the pterosaurs - using hind legs alone - to launch at all.
I do not think that any mathematical solution can provide the much-sought-after answers to any of the paradoxes of Zeno.

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