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Instead these are instances of Kruskal's principle, a mathematical theorem that says that, with high probability, a common sequence is eventually found in any long text so that the same words are eventually zeroed in on no mater what the start.
Furthermore, a mathematical theorem is presented in this paper to direct us to apply the proposed method.
The idea of the book was to follow the historical development of the proof of a single mathematical theorem, Euler's Theorem, and to "show" that it did not really succeed in establishing the theorem beyond doubt.
It turns out that he is a genius, capable of working out the most complex mathematical theorem and blessed with a photographic memory.
A work of art appears as a work of art, a mathematical theorem as a mathematical theorem, a great love as a great love, a political revolution as a political revolution.
It's one thing to prove a mathematical theorem and quite another to demonstrate its reality in a physical situation.
Davis and Clements established a mathematical theorem involving these matrices, which enables them to propose a convenient method of identifying situations in which a failure in a certain branch or group of branches may not show up in a given set of power measurements, thereby making the fault undetectable at the control center.

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