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Their opposition to this mathematical theory was based on the belief that the world was an orderly place, governed by a strict and unchanging set of rules.
Regarding the conservativeness argument, it proposes that mathematics is conservative in scientific theorising in the following terms, namely: "a mathematical theory, when combined with any nominalistic scientific theory, does not yield nominalistic consequences that could not have been derived from the nominalistic theory alone" (pp.
Theoretical computer scientist Yariv Levy conducted this investigation while a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with neuroscience researcher Jerrold Meyer, an expert in the neurochemistry of human psychiatric disorders, and computer scientist Andrew Barto, an expert in mathematical theory of learning and planning.
99) WHEN a celebrated Cambridge academic proves a mathematical theory, aliens in a far-off galaxy realise humans have made the link that would allow them to develop interstellar travel.
Chapters assemble proof that Darwin's theory works on a purely mathematical level, arguing that evolution can't be proven without a mathematical theory in place as well.
At Bell Labs the two events of that year encompassed, first, the creation of the transistor by William Shockley and his team that made the present information economy possible; but more important in the author's opinion was the second: the publication of Claude Shannon's "The Mathematical Theory of Communication" in the Bell System Technical Journal (and the next year as a book by the same title with and added chapter by Warren Weaver who helped explain the highly mathematical theory more in layman's terms) (Shannon & Weaver, 1949).
The Centre for Prototype Climate Modelling in Abu Dhabi will focus on a number of atmospheric and oceanographic studies aimed at bridging mathematical theory with practical application, through sophisticated technology.
Information became a field of study in its own right in 1948 when mathematician and engineer Claude Shannon, "the father of Information Theory," published a groundbreaking paper outlining a mathematical theory of communication that transformed the scientific community and paved the way for the current Age of Information.
Written for practicing engineers and senior undergraduates in digital communications, this thorough text on the mathematical theory of modem design introduces the theory of digital modulation and coding that is the foundation for the design of digital communications systems.
Asherov are: theory of the automated control systems; ergonomics of information technologies; reliability, quality and efficiency of the human-automatic control and teaching systems; mathematical theory of teaching.
It deals with a more mathematical theory of development.
In 1965, I embarked on studies which used the methods of WIE mathematics--specifically, the mathematical theory of sets--to scrutinize general semantics (Hilgartner & Randolph, 1969).