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Since set theory relies on the (according to my chosen premises, non-valid) modern logical axiom of identity, I infer that the premises of the WIE mathematical theory of sets violate the premises of non-Aristotelian systems-set theory does not and cannot survive general-semantics-based scrutiny.
The mathematical theory of plane gravitational wave in general relativity.
The chaos in question is the mathematical theory that behind every series of seemingly random events lies a pattern.
With mathematical biology, Jackson uses mathematical tools and mathematical theory to help advance the biological sciences.
The basic mathematical theory of sedimentation is related to Stokes's Law, which governs the behavior of spherical particles suspended in a liquid.
Journal of Uncertain Systems" covers research related to uncertain systems, including mathematical theory of uncertainty, applications in artificial intelligence, machine learning and knowledge discovery.
Highlights include a concentration on real-world usage instead of mathematical theory, instructions for installing and using PGP and GPG with Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla's Thunderbird, help with tricky command-line versions of these programs, what to do at a key-signing party, and how to generate, manage and add photos to your keys.
Although they have been very much attacked by evolutionists, they have recourse to this mathematical argument: according to the mathematical theory of information, you can never get out of the box "A" more information than you put into it.
This implies:--</p> <pre> By the methods of Zelmanov's mathematical theory of chronometric invariants (physically observable quantities), the Einstein equations are linearized in a mathematically correct way, i.
Once a mathematical theory got abstract, my eyes couldn't visualize it.
A BASIC mathematical theory - for Pythagoras, at least - was brought into play as the stewards deliberated whether to disqualify Babodona at Newmarket last Saturday, writes Seb Vance.
Copson, The Mathematical Theory of Huygens' Principle, Chelsea Publ.