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He puts on mating displays for Alexis Bailey and bites anyone who gets between him and the wildlife officer who gave him a little TLC.
In February and March, the Laysan albatross goes through an elaborate mating display, then finds a protected sandy area to lay its single egg.
There are approximately 40 different Bird of Paradise species in Papua New Guinea, each with a different mating display.
There is one of a pair carrying out a mating display.
Every spring, groups of male black grouse gather to perform their uniquely wonderful mating display known as lekking.
It will feature a tour of woodcock habitat and observation of the bird's courtship flights, plus displays and discussions of park habitat management; an invasive plant and shrub walk; other bird walks; children's crafts; and finish with a walk to observe the woodcock's mating display.
For those up early enough, there may even be the possibility of witnessing a secretive lek - the spectacular mating display of the male black grouse.
In what may be a mating display, sea worms off Bermuda swim in swirls forming "fire wheels.