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DEHP exposure of 5 and 50 [micro]g/kg/d also increased the latency to the first intromission, whereas the mating duration and parameters of sexual performance (frequency of mounts with intromissions and thrusts, intromission ratio, genital grooming) remained unchanged.
Brown planthopper, insect age, plant age, temporal phase, wind velocity, female abdominal vibration, male dancing, male arrival, successful mating and mating duration.
Influence of mating duration on fecundity and fertility in two aphidophagous ladybirds.
In this latter species, mating duration increases female fecundity, but apparently polyandry does not (Lugo-Olguin & Cueva del Castillo 2007).
Mating propensity, latency to courtship, courtship duration, palp insertion duration, and overall mating duration were compared for all females.