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Removing the matriarch accomplishes that in several ways.
The matriarch also tends to be much more cautious than other less experienced does.
Targeting inferior racked dominant bucks, aggressively removing diseased deer and specifically targeting matriarch does are all important tasks.
In areas of low pressure, hunting food sources is a great, low-impact method for taking out a matriarch.
These include the merit of the Matriarchs, the Matriarchs as prophets, the barren Matriarchs, the use of the Matriarchs as metaphors, and the six Matriarchs.
Schechter mentions, in passing, the parallel notion of zekhut imahot, the merit of the Matriarchs, but his exploration of the motif is minimal.
11) The choice of "hills" as a metaphor for the Matriarchs would seem to be an apt one, reflecting the contours of the female body.
Gobush examined more than 100 family groups; about 59 percent had an old matriarch.
Analysis of fecal hormone levels and DNA revealed that female elephants in groups lacking a matriarch or closely related relatives had higher levels of stress hormones known as glucocorticoids.
The 1986 original of The Matriarch and the 2009 revision recycle material from Tangi:
In a later passage, however, the revised version of The Matriarch does reject the attitude to Hinenuitepo expressed in the original:
Tellingly, the narrator ascribes this very revision to the Matriarch herself, the woman who 'always disputed' the 'early written texts' (those transcribed in Polynesian Mythology or The Tore of the Whare-wananga?