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Targeting inferior racked dominant bucks, aggressively removing diseased deer and specifically targeting matriarch does are all important tasks.
In areas of low pressure, hunting food sources is a great, low-impact method for taking out a matriarch.
11) The choice of "hills" as a metaphor for the Matriarchs would seem to be an apt one, reflecting the contours of the female body.
That association, of the merit of the matriarchs with gevaot, "the hills," leads to a fascinating use of the concept, applied to the story of the battle with Amalek.
In any case, it is clear that rabbinic tradition included calling upon the merit of the Matriarchs to rescue the Jewish people in times of distress.
If you see that the merit of the Patriarchs is failing and the merit of the Matriarchs slipping away, go and occupy yourself with deeds of loving kindness.
Here the understanding seems to be that there are parallel and equivalent reserves of merit of the Patriarchs and the Matriarchs.
Tellingly, the narrator ascribes this very revision to the Matriarch herself, the woman who 'always disputed' the 'early written texts' (those transcribed in Polynesian Mythology or The Tore of the Whare-wananga?
The same is true of other passages from The Matriarch in which Ihimaera replaces the Goddess of Death, and her tripartite iconography, with a benign Great Mother:
In two visceral, infamous reviews which appeared in Broadsheet magazine in 1986 and 1987, (28) Atareta Poananga attacked Ihimaera and The Matriarch in the strongest terms: 'Ihimaera does not begin to understand what colonialism is.
The Matriarch builds on this sexist mythology because its Maori women characters are essentially destructive and evil beings.
In short, Poananga criticised the self-same depiction of a 'non-sacred and destructive' Hinenuitepo from The Matriarch which Ihimaera would later revise.