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In the Victorian secondary education system, French, Classical Greek, Latin, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German, and Hebrew were the languages accredited for the Victorian Matriculation examination throughout the 1950s, with French being the main foreign language taught in secondary schools post World War II (Ozolins, 1993, p.
Prepress, print, packaging (sorting, packaging) and distribution to schools, OKE and CKE examination materials to conduct the matriculation examination in May, June and August 2016 year.
It is a milestone in the educational history of AJK when all the special children appearing in the matriculation examination, successfully qualified the examination due to their exceptional dedication to the studies and hardworking with the assistance of their teachers, Dr.
5 million as a fine ranging between Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 from about one thousand examinees, parents and relatives arrested by the police during the anti-cheating drives at the examination centres during the week-long matriculation examination.
The contract is for printing and distribution of two publications to all schools in the polish ending matriculation examination, carried out under the pilot project of new baccalaureate co-financed by the european social fund under the human capital operational programme, measure 3.
Ayyan had blamed her father for the crisis as she claimed she was ignored by him since she passed her matriculation examination.
Even when I was taking the matriculation examination from a centre in Bakhtiarpur ( in the 1960s), a student sitting in my hall was taken away after being caught cheating.
He also said that students preparing for matriculation examination were the worst sufferers of long outages.
Contract notice: Service of organization and conduct training examiners matriculation examination in j.
5 -- The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore has once again "embarrassed" the Punjab government because of grave errors shown by the officials in the results of the matriculation examination 2010.
The Board also organised an award distribution ceremony for the position holder students of Matriculation Examination.
4 million students appearing in matriculation examination are dishonest," the commission said in its observation.