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aid=9102, (7) Maturin Petsoko presente son second album intitule mo saye qui signifie litteralement <<les choses du village>> en ces termes :
Maturin to be looking closely at an insect in his hand in that scene, because he was a naturalist and he had never seen it before.
MORIN, Christina, Charles Robert Maturin and the Haunting of Irish Romantic Fiction, Manchester UP (Manchester), 256.
Aubrey reflects Johnson the Tory and patriotic Englishman; Maturin represents Johnson's erudition and sympathy with the underdog.
In our year or two of reading Patrick O'Brian's books, we've circled the globe with Aubrey and his surgeon friend, Stephen Maturin.
Master and Commander concludes with Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe in the movie a number of you will have seen) and Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany) witnessing a battle from the Rock of Gibraltar.
On the other hand, Hodoud are believed to be in desperate need for a goalkeeper, following the long-term injury of their number one Maturin Kameni.
Miguel Hernandez" de la ciudad de Maturin, Venezuela (ente gubernamental).
With this provocative thesis, then, Killeen, a lecturer in English at Keele University in the United Kingdom, explores the literary and social-science informed currents that led up to that Gothic blossoming of Protestant writers such as Maturin, Lewis, and others.
Like the area near Inciarte in northwestern Venezuela, the Maturin Basin in the eastern part of the country is dotted with scores of menes.
RICHES OF THE ORIENT Like western Venezuela's Maracaibo Basin, the Maturin Basin in the eastern part of the country is dotted with scores of menes.
Coverage from the Estadio Monumental de Maturin in Maturin and the Estadio Metropolitano de Futbol de Lara in Barquisimeto.