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Elizabeth School in Van Nuys and then, at right, determines the body mass index of Magdalena Maturino while her daughter, Fernanda Contreras, looks on.
Texas executed 18 men: Jermaine Herron, 27, May 17; Jesus Aguilar, 42, May 24; Timothy Titsworth, 34, June 6; Lamont Reese, 28, June 20; Angel Maturino Resendiz, 46, June 27; Derrick O'Brien, 31, July 11; Mauriceo Brown, 31, July 19; Robert Anderson, 40, July 20; William Wyatt Jr.
The annals of illegal-alien crime, as THE NEW AMERICAN reported in its August 7, 2006 issue, include the recently executed "Railroad Killer," Angel Maturino Resendiz.
Two notable cases have attracted significant scholarly attention: the Doctrina of the first archbishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumarraga, and the Dialogo in Tarascan (Purepecha) of his fellow Franciscan, Maturino de Gilberti.
28, 2001, at 31 (reporting that Angel Maturino Resendiz, who murdered twelve people in a five-state killing spree, agreed to "scrape his feet" and then offer those scrapings for sale); John Ellement, SJC Offers Warning on Proposed Crime-Profits Law, BOSTON GLOBE, Mar.
In 1542 a French Franciscan named Maturino Gilberti arrived in Mexico.
Impassive and coldly unremorseful, convicted murderer Angel Maturino Resendiz spoke openly about his methods, his motives and his state of mind in an exclusive interview that aired last night on Univision's prime time newsmagazine, Aqui y Ahora (Thursdays, 10:00 - 11:00 p.
Even given other possible case-by-case reasons--other compelling news to put in the newspaper that day, including the imminent arrest in El Paso, Texas, of accused serial murderer Maturino Resendez and a deadly heat wave--the paucity of national attention to Marks' record-breaking crime is striking.
The FBI has received calls, letters and faxes from police agencies around the country regarding more than 200 unsolved murders they believe could be the work of suspected railroad killer Angel Maturino Resendez.
Most of the requests, which came from police in practically every state, had to be put aside during the intense six-week manhunt for Maturino Resendez.
Already, the FBI has helped Kentucky police connect Maturino Resendez to a 1997 killing of a college student, based on evidence that was similar to that collected at the scene of recent killings in Texas.
Anche in Pigafetta, dunque, a un cosi alto livello cronologico del '500, a secolo appena iniziato, pur timidamente questo awiene, e ben prima che maturino le piu note resistenze uffidali nei confronti di autorita spirituali e politiche.