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"We got information that in Mau, some people and administration are trying to tamper with EVMs and change the results," Kumar alleged.
"Mau is the most important of the five critical water towers that feeds our major rivers that help in achieving food security, yet it is greatly endangered.
Fittingly, Mau drilled in the kill from the back row that put the weary HD Spikers out of their miseries and signaled the return of the Cargo Movers as queens of the league once again.
A known fiery hitter from Arizona State upon her arrival here in the Philippines, Mau instantly made good impression although her scoring prowess did not translate into success.
He said the Mau issue is thorny and complex, and if the issue is not solved now, with the 2022 elections politics simmering, the issue may never be solved.
Besides Mau, Bedart-Ghani also sparkled with 25 points, while Robins-Hardy tallied 28 excellent sets and nine points for United VC, which missed the services of import Tai Manu-Olevao who flew to Hawaii for an important family matter.
The Mau is generating serious political and environmental interest as it is fast mutating to become a classic case study of resource-based conflict, with much wider repercussions hundreds of kilometres away.
Drawing together and revising some of his earlier work on Mau Mau and resistance in Kenya after independence in 1963, Durrani provides general readers an account of the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles by the people of Kenya.
MAU Workforce Solutions said the acquisition of 3Ci opens up new avenues of growth for both companies to leverage business.
Mau Meal's fox raises his voice through graffiti and art.
FAYETTEVILLE - For most of her high school career, Madison Mau knew she wanted to attend the University of Texas at Austin, and practically everyone at her tiny rural high school was certain she could do it.
HUTTENBACH, The Boy is Gone: conversations with a Man Mau general.