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Maurice Ravel, Valses nobles et sentimentales for Piano Solo, ed.
Delahaye, "Quatre letters inedites de Maurice Ravel a Jacques Durand," Cahiers Maurice Ravel 14 [2011]: 98).
George Fu, 16, played works by Tan Dun, Johann Sebastian Bach and Maurice Ravel.
Publications about Maurice Ravel and his music, especially those from British and American scholars, have increased in quantity and quality in recent years.
The programme also includes two works by Maurice Ravel, the Pavane for a Dead Princess and the song cycle Sheherazade, sung by mezzo soprano Michele Losier.
Worcester, the Choeur d'Enfants d'Ile-de-France, Juenne Choeur d'Ile-de-France and Jeune Orchestre Symphonique Maurice Ravel will perform a concert featuring the Mass of St.
UK) examines, in a cultural context, the ballets of French composer Maurice Ravel, which have not been singled out in an extensive study.
Olivier Messiaen, born in Avignon in 1908, was the natural successor to Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussyin France.
1880-1920) include Maurice Ravel (Sonatine), Charles Griffes (The Vale of Dreams), Cyril Scott (Lotus Land), Alexander Tcherepnin (Flower-Drum), Frederico Mompou (Jeunes filles au jardin), Selim Palmgren (May Night), Alexander Gretchaninoff (Nocturne), Richard Strauss (Traumerei) and many others.
The music of Maurice Ravel is among the most poetic, imaginative, impressionistic ever written.
He invited Lorry May to mount Kaddish (1945), set to a score by Maurice Ravel.