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48) Max Born begins The Restless Universe with Schiller and ends with Goethe, (49) while My Life and Views contains a discussion of a section of Goethe's Maxims and Reflections.
The Max Born Medal and Prize, given jointly by the IOP and the German Physical Society, is awarded by the Council of one of the two societies to one of a list of nominees submitted by the other.
Although friction plays such an important role in so many aspects of our lives, it is surprising that many key processes embodied within frictional motion have been far from understood," said Jay Fineberg, the Max Born Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Hebrew University.
In 1925-26, the future Nobel prize-winner Max Born presented two series of lectures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: one on the structure of the atom, the other on the lattice theory of rigid bodies.
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This interpretation dates to the 1920s, when physicist Max Born argued that the wave function, represented by the Greek letter psi, is a useful mathematical tool for calculating probabilities for a particle's location or speed.
He was especially unhappy with its description of reality in terms of probabilities, a view developed by the German physicist Max Born.
In 1926, German physicist Max Born proposed that only particle pairs--not triplets, quadruplets or more--can interfere, causing their wavelike forms to boost and diminish one another.
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Physicist Max Born was both a committed pacifist and a teacher to several of the men who built the first atomic bomb.