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Felix Kratz of the Tumor Biology Institute in Freiburg, Germany using animal models of human tumors showed that the combination of aldoxorubicin and free doxorubicin administered at 50% each of their respective maximum tolerated dose provided complete and prolonged remissions in ovarian and pancreatic cancers with minimal weight loss compared with each drug administered individually at its maximum tolerated dose," said Sant P.
After the maximum tolerated dose is determined, CytRx plans to evaluate the longer-term safety of this dose in a subsequent study to be described at a later time.
The firm aims to start and submit to Polish regulatory authorities for approval, a protocol amendment that is to continue dose escalation for the Phase I component of the study beyond Cohort 8 in the event the maximum tolerated dose is not reached in Cohort 8.
Conducted by Kosan and Roche as part of a global partnership to jointly develop and commercialize KOS-862, the Phase I trials were designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose, toxicity profile, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenous KOS-862.

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