Mayor's court

MAYOR'S COURT. The name of a court usually established in cities, composed of a mayor, recorder and aldermen, generally having jurisdiction of offences committed within the city, and of other matters specially given them by the statute.

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A case brought before the mayor's court of the City of London in 1305 notes that, because of a delay in addressing the complaint brought by William de Lyndesseye for goods worth [pounds sterling]20 that his wife had "eloigned into the houses of William de Wynchelsee," a judicial separation had been celebrated between them in the face of the Church (celebratum in facie ecclesie) and the goods had already been delivered to Alice by the undersheriff.
Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls of the City of London, a.
The author's research is extensively based on municipal archives: including the Mayor's Court Book, minutes of the Municipal Assembly and Quarter Sessions, Charity and Hospital accounts, plus Diocesan and Parish records.