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The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015 introduced new amendments to the McKinney Act, which affect how schools interact with homeless students.
In 2002, Congress directed HUD to work with local communities to establish a system for collecting and reporting homeless data that would better illustrate the scope of homelessness and help to evaluate the effectiveness of HUD McKinney Act programs.
McKinney Act Funds from two senior building refinancings were committed to the $10 million town home development and $30 million senior residence development.
The McKinney Act "requires that states receiving funds under the McKinney Act assure that each homeless child shall have access to a comparable free, appropriate public education in the mainstream school environment .
As part of its obligation under the McKinney Act to ensure the education of homeless children and youth, the state of New Jersey has developed a series of procedures that are used to determine which school district should educate and transport a homeless student, and which school district should pay for the student's education and transportation.
McKinney Act (1994) mandates that school counselors provide services for children who are homeless.
Originally, surplus base property fell under the McKinney Act.
Finally, strategies in obtaining assistance available to homeless service providers from the federal government in the form of surplus property under Title V of the McKinney Act will also be addressed.
The McKinney Act defines homeless people as those who have spent more than seven consecutive nights in a shelter, car, abandoned building, public park, nonresidential building, or other nondwelling and gives aid to the homeless in the form of emergency food and shelter, medical and mental health care, permanent and transitional housing, and education and job training.
But many of these children are attending school, thanks to the McKinney Act, which provides federal dollars for transportation to school and other services homeless kids need.
an affordable housing fund, which would combine, among others, the HOME block grant program, the McKinney Act homeless assistance programs, and the Section 202 elderly housing and Section 811 handicapped housing programs; and
McKinney Act, the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia receive funding to investigate the number and the needs of homeless children, to identify obstacles that prevent them from receiving an education, and to develop a plan to overcome these problems (Stronge and Helm 1990).