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These are as-the-crow-flies distances and don't take into account the meandering river run.
Canoe Sweden THE ITINERARY: The sensational scenery and tranquility of the meandering river Klaralven in the Varmland region awaits you.
In 2004, NASA landed Spirit, one of its two Mars Exploration Rovers, inside 160-km-wide Gusev Crater, because from orbit, Gusev, with its southern rim breached by a meandering river channel, looked as if it once held a lake - and water-deposited rocks were the rover mission's focus.
Not surprisingly, the meandering River Wye is one of the premier destinations for canoeing in the UK.
To keep out the unwanted, Crocker posted ''No Trespassing'' and ''Private Property'' signs along the hill that slopes down to a gravel area along the meandering river.
The Duwamish was a meandering river before it was straightened and deepened into a navigation channel running through Seattle's industrial core.
Based on these analyses, the Aghajari Formation in the studied section is interpreted to represent fluvial deposition marked by meandering ephemeral sandy river to sandy-gravelly meandering and gravelly meandering river.
The terrain of the large Der Vergessene Kontinent (The Forgotten Continent), 2007, feels lunar, its meandering river and masses of pastel rocks providing the setting for an inscrutable drama between a faceless woman in frilly period dress and a shirtless man in sunglasses and jeans who takes her hand.
Coming from Seal, this is something of an admission for--as those who are familiar with his earlier book, A Fez of the Heart, will already know--Turkey, the land of the meandering river, is his territory.
They are like a meandering river that can take any course if you harness one channel.
One hundred and 11 kilometres of "Europe's Amazon", comprising parts of the natural meandering river stretches of the Danube, Drava and Mura rivers in Croatia could be channelled in a way that would destroy Europe's largest river protected area without bringing any real economic benefit to the region.