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At one site in a square-mile zone of devastation that once contained a meandering river surrounded by rural homes, the landslide pushed a house onto the highway, leaving nothing intact but its cedar shake roof.
At your feet, in a clear eddy of the meandering river, you might see a reflection of the entire panorama.
Not surprisingly, the meandering River Wye is one of the premier destinations for canoeing in the UK.
To keep out the unwanted, Crocker posted ''No Trespassing'' and ''Private Property'' signs along the hill that slopes down to a gravel area along the meandering river.
Although so very close to London, Windsor has the feeling of being far away from London, with its meandering river and lush meadows.
Newbridge Fields, 'the county's Hyde Park' with its sporting and walking facilities and the meandering River Ogmore.
The terrain of the large Der Vergessene Kontinent (The Forgotten Continent), 2007, feels lunar, its meandering river and masses of pastel rocks providing the setting for an inscrutable drama between a faceless woman in frilly period dress and a shirtless man in sunglasses and jeans who takes her hand.
The view of the gorge and the meandering river below is thrilling and the best way to experience the Rhodopes mountains.
They are like a meandering river that can take any course if you harness one channel.
And so here I was fulfilling a life-long ambition to visit his birthplace in Odense, an , friendly, laid-back, attractive little city of green parks and cobbled streets, castles and churches, and a meandering river, on the island of Funen (Fyn in Danish), just a pleasant, one-and-a-half hour train journey from Copenhagen, to pay homage to HCA.
One hundred and 11 kilometres of "Europe's Amazon", comprising parts of the natural meandering river stretches of the Danube, Drava and Mura rivers in Croatia could be channelled in a way that would destroy Europe's largest river protected area without bringing any real economic benefit to the region.