means of protection

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With her means of protection gone, Lys was now at the mercy of the hatchet-man; nor was it many hours before he had caught her at the base of the cliff and seized her; but as he bore her triumphantly aloft toward his cave, she had managed to break loose and escape him.
And even better, for are we not armed with ages of superior knowledge, and have we not the means of protection, defense, and sustenance which science has given us, but of which they were totally ignorant?
Forcing my two revolvers upon them as a slight means of protection, and, as a last resort, as an escape for themselves from the horrid death which recapture would surely mean, I lifted Dejah Thoris in my arms and placed her upon the thoat behind Sola, who had already mounted at my command.
NOTTHE COUNTRY JINNAH IMAGINED The one name under who the entire nation remains huddled as a means of protection and refuge is that of Jinnah
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Of 52 buildings of historical interest in ystanbul, only Dolmabahce Palace has a proper fire suppression system, while the rest face destruction in the event of a fire as they are without the appropriate means of protection, according to an academic who directs a disaster research center.
30pm and 3pm, Other activities that cannot be stopped due to technical reasons, such as cement pouring, can also continue, but employers must ensure workers are given appropriate means of protection from the heat, as well as frequent breaks.
Mr Herbert replied: "It has been the policy of successive Governments that requests for the possession and carriage of firearms for personal protection purposes are refused on the grounds that these are not an acceptable means of protection in Great Britain.
My recommendation would be to use other means of protection for infants younger than 6 months, such as clothing, shade, and covered strollers.
He finally solicited the state to provide means of protection from diseases in order to preserve the agriculture sector and to safeguard poultry.
The march aims at rising the awareness of the society towards the importance of the regular physical activity to avoid health problems, correct some of the health behaviors in the members of the society, familiarize them with the means of protection against diseases and providing them with the health data on the services rendered to them.
Durable over the lifetime of the casework, the surface treatment is suited for education, healthcare and laboratory environments, where an additional means of protection can be used in conjunction with a standard cleaning protocol.
According to the officials of the Environment Directorate in Smolyan, the sprays they gave to the locals could be a very efficient means of protection against bears.