Measure of damages

MEASURE OF DAMAGES, prac. Those principles or rules of law which control a jury in adjusting or proportioning the damages, in certain cases. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 636.

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The relevant Kansas statute provides in part that "the compensation and measure of damages is the difference between the fair market value of the entire property or interest immediately before the taking, and the value of that portion of the tract or interest remaining immediately after the taking.
Juries are left with the impossible task of deciphering the correct measure of damages.
In light of the foregoing, the Court of Cassation upheld the judgment of the Court of Appeal and rejected the bank's appeal with respect to challenging the measure of damages valued at QAR 100,000.
In order to maximize your potential subrogation recovery on a claim that involves works of fine art, understanding the recoverable measure of damages and hiring the right damages experts are as important as proving the cause of the loss.
We believe the jury got it right and we intend to pursue the full measure of damages that we believe are owed to Oracle.
The order also required the parties to submit "briefs on the measure of damages for the suspension and lack of hearing.
Now that verdict has been overturned, with the court indicating the measure of damages should be the money DTVA would have received had the airline remained and operated its normal services for the contract's remaining eight years.
a whole, distorting the reasonable royalty measure of damages is a
As a result, both of these issues--the definition of "willful," and the measure of damages for willful breach--need to be considered simultaneously.
The rule is well settled that if there is a yardstick or measure of damages by which prospective profits may be determined and they arise out of a contract in which profit is the inducement to its making, they may be allowed if proven, whether they arise from farming, mechanical, or other contracts.
Under existing case law, the correct measure of damages would be the difference between the marital home market value before the in-law apartment and its value after such improvements had been completed.
However, she also ruled "the use of Geico's trademarks in the headline or text of advertisements that appear when a user searches on 'Geico' does violate the Lanham Act, leaving as the only remaining issues in the case whether Google is liable for such violations and, if so, the measure of damages.