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Some public-sector organizations have adopted performance measurement systems with ambitious objectives in mind and have created systems suitable for these objectives.
Recommendation: To improve DOD's performance measurement system to manage and oversee its counternarcotics activities, and to address weaknesses identified in DOD's counternarcotics performance measurement system, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counternarcotics and Global Threats to review the department's performance measures for counternarcotics activities and revise the measures, as appropriate, to include the key attributes of successful performance measures previously identified by GAO.
Reproducibility AV is defined as the influence of appraisers conducting in the measurement system variation.
The present investigation studies the local time effect for the case of the measurement system moving independently of the rotational motion of the Earth.
Performance measurement systems that are well-designed, integrated in organizational practices through various uses, and periodically reviewed can contribute to the improvement of organizational performance.
Reflect the maturity of your business model within your measurement system. JetBlue Airways Corp, is focused on building a brand and managing its rapid growth rate.
For the second analysis, the PVI and the OSCE videotape were both scored using the measurement system developed for the PVI.
The measurement system is designed for operation in 120 degrees Celsius, 98% RH non-condensing environments.
Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of the NIST nonlinearity measurement system for characterizing high-power laser detectors.
The VMR 6555 is a combination of the powerful Nexiv VMR Series Measurement System and the NWL860T Wafer Loader to create a new optical and laser-based measurement system capable of taking automatic measurements at the wafer level.
"There are seven essential steps for implementing a performance measurement system," says William O'Brien, CPA, a California-based financial management consultant.
The AICPA has developed Performance View services to enable CPAs to offer performance measurement advice to companies and employers, and, once more companies have adopted performance measurement systems and are using the information for external purposes, assurance on the reliability of the information reported from the organization's performance measurement system.

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