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Both gaseous and particle measurement systems (preferred).
Variations in the measurement system result from random and systematic effects.
Embrace simplicity in your organizational measurement system.
When the measurement system was held constant, by using the same measurement system for both the PVI and the OSCE videotape, the explained variances were 23% and 24%, respectively.
How a new moisture measurement system can help meet measurement and control goals.
Variation of the laser power, or of the beam's intensity profile can create several instability effects in the detector nonlinearity measurement system.
This concern grew out of congressional hearings at which IRS employees testified that the agency's performance measurement system had created an environment that promoted achievement of certain quantitative goals, especially in respect of collection matters.
Can you tell our readers which measurements you consider to be absolutely vital to a good outcomes measurement system for the nursing home subacute setting?
Most traditional performance measurement systems focus only on financial areas, such as net income and sales, They fail to track nonfinancial measures, such as the number of new products introduced or defects in manufactured goods.
However, a validated severity measurement system may never be possible.
The study team discovered and compared the innovative and successful practices that take an organization beyond the development and static use of a performance measurement system to sustaining and actively using a performance measurement system that encompasses enterprise objectives, individual behaviors, and business results.
The Profile360 is an on-line profile measurement system for rubber and plastic extrusions that provides an on-screen optical comparator to display the deviation between the CAD template and the actual real-time profile.

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