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Contents Introduction Scope Challenges in Measuring Progress Impact of Perceptions on Strategy Current Strategy and Cited Results Describing and Measuring Progress Against Terrorism Terrorism as Process Example Framework for Measurement Incidents Attitudes Trends Conclusion
DOD has not (1) ensured that accountability and responsibility for measuring progress against commitments are clearly understood, performed, and reported; (2) demonstrated, on the basis of reliable data and credible analysis, that the proposed system solution will produce economic benefits commensurate with costs; (3) used data on progress against project cost, schedule, and performance commitments throughout a project's life cycle to make investment decisions; and (4) divided this large project into a series of incremental investment decisions to spread the risks over smaller, more manageable components.
The priority must be on creating a curriculum that works, instructing teachers to use it, measuring progress through testing and holding students, teachers, principals, schools and the district accountable.
The pre-grant planning resulted in a detailed five-year improvement plan with means of measuring progress and success.
Attention to these goals will provide two-year colleges with a framework for system innovations and development, pursuit and use of resources, and measuring progress.
The city has no quotas, those are goals but they're simply goals of measuring progress, they're not mandatory goals," Mayor Greg Stratton said.