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Sensortechnics' PS9000 pressure transducer offers pressure measurment for aggressive and corrosive liquids and gases.
Value-based Management (VBM) is a strategic performance measurment initiative organizations embark on to focus internal performance and incentives on value creation.
Eastern Instruments introduces the CentriFlow Meter, the first true mass measurment instrument for flowable solids.
The MCS tray was designed to allow measurment and sorting of frozen leaf samples without the risk of thawing (Fig.
AMETEK Process Instruments has introduced the new model 3050 OLV moisture analyzer for process applications requiring the measurment of moisture in gases and vapor.
The measurment technology for qualifying employers' judgements about the adequacy of former clients' vocational adjustment is well-established (Bolton, 1985, 1987a, 1988; Walls & Tseng, 1987).
The melting point measurment was by using GALLEN KAMP apparatus.
night] were assessed and presented in all points of measurment (Table 3).
Uses magnetic inductive flow technology for high-precision measurment
The architecture of the model also supports greater measurment flexibility and includes a built-in [+ or -]10 V/[+ or -] 100 V voltage source that offers the extended range needed to power a variety of user-selected photodetectors, including large area and avalanche types.
Vascular tests should include Doppler and Duplex studies, which check the patency and blood pressure ratios in the peripheral vessels; plethysmography to evaluate the pulse waves before and after cold stress; finger systolic pressure measurment to compare the blood pressure of an affected digit before and after cold stress with the blood pressure of the thumb, which is not usually affected; and cold water provocation tests, which involve immersion of the digits in water for 2 to 7 minutes with recording of skin temperature, to detect reactive hyperemia during immersion and delay in recovery afterward.