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The more significant is the fact that every year the Kurgan Meat Packing Plant "Standard" takes part in the international competition "The Best Product" at the exhibition "Prodexpo" and every time returns with awards.
Thirteen of Lane County's 16 school districts, including Springfield and Bethel, received shipments of ground beef from a California meat packing plant that was barred by the U.
in Southbridge, a three-story arts, entertainment and dining facility constructed in a former meat packing plant along the Quinebaug River.
Vin Fiz, a grape-flavored soda, was originally produced by the Armour Meat Packing Plant of Chicago in 1911.
A North East factory worker was quizzed by police after a manager was found dead in an office at a County Durham meat packing plant.
home of the firm's enormous feedlots and meat packing plant.
Stormy conditions there loosely imitated a meat packing plant being washed.
Images of the nearby factories that dump their garbage into the stream were intercut with interviews in which residents explained how a meat packing plant and other factories next to the barrio dump chemicals and blood into the stream that runs through La Florida.
The 10-minute shooting spree started as staff relaxed during a shift break in the canteen of a meat packing plant in Kansas City.
Elijah Brown, 21, went on a killing rampage at a meat packing plant targeting his enemies before turning the gun on himself.
One of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks at the Emmpak meat packing plant in Nebraska City, Neb.