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Key players currently dominating the meat processing equipment market include: BRF SA (Brazil), Tyson Foods Inc.
5 million in the restructuring of this meat processing plant.
The Adams Farm meat processing business achieved U.
The official opening of a dedicated meat processing unit on the farm of Mari and Idris Evans near Tywyn, sees their business Cig Oen Maethlon become self-sufficient and in full control of the processing chain.
Historically there has been division between farmers and trade union leaders in our meat processing industry.
THE first consignment of British beef to be sent to France for six years leaves a South Wales meat processing plant today.
For example: Listing the protein source as "meat or poultry by-products" allows the manufacturer to include meat processing waste.
said Tuesday it has sold its wholly owned Australian meat processing subsidiary, SBA Foods Pty Ltd.
visited four major Midwestern meat processing plants.
A recent outbreak of tainted meat at a Bil Mar meat processing plant in Michigan was linked to 11 deaths, and five miscarriages and stillbirths.
Simeus Foods International (SFI), a leading food supplier for some of the country's popular restaurant chains, recently acquired a North Carolina meat processing firm.
Farmers' leader John Donnelly urged Premier John Bruton to take emergency steps as the meat processing industry prepared to shut because of plunging sales.