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As a world leader in meat science, technology, research and development it's a privilege to be hosting the first seminars in Dubai and working with the ICCA to present and share knowledge with food industry professionals.
The vice chancellor said the university on its part had also taken various initiatives through its Department of Meat Science and was conducting training programmes for people involved in meat business.
2) Meat Science Laboratory, Department of Animal Health and production, Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igbo Ora, Nigeria
Electronic noses: what are they and what are their potential uses in meat science.
Video image analysis in the Australian meat industry--precision and accuracy of predicting lean meat yield in lamb carcasses, Meat Science, Vol.
Books came in second and Web resources were the least cited, with zero citations for monogastric nutrition, animal products and meat science and poultry nutrition, although but not the least cited for animal physiology (20 citations).
of Wyoming) present 16 chapters reviewing the state-of-the-art in applied muscle biology and meat science.
Dawn Farm Foods, the Irish cooked meat ingredient company, has announced a 28m [euro] investment at its food campus at Naas, which includes a 14m [euro] investment in R&D incorporating a Meat Science Centre.
Bell, Encyclopedia Of Animal Science encompasses animal physiology; animal growth and development; animal behavior; animal reproduction and breeding; alternative approaches to animal maintenance; meat science and muscle biology; farmed animal welfare and bioethics; and food safety.
Mark Richards, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Muscle Biology and Meat Science Laboratory, 1805 Linden Dr.
Jimmy Keeton, Texas A&M University, Department of Animal Science, Meat Science Section, College Station, TX 77843; phone: 979-845-3936; fax: 979-845-9454; email: jkeeton@tamu.
JULY 28-31: American Meat Science Association's Reciprocal Meat Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.