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OSWESTRY, Wed, Nov 22 Remarks: A good show of mainly meated fat cattle sold well, with some lovely butchers heifers.
50 Greenchesters, PS86 & PS82 Hallington New Houses, PS78 West Shields, PS77 Hallington New Houses, PS74 Saugh House, PS70 West Park Suffolk x - PS86 West Shields, PS79 Hallington New Houses, PS77 Saugh House Mule - PS70 West Shields, PS65 Saugh House Blackface - PS42 Cottonshope Store Lambs A reduced entry of lambs and also a reduced number of buyers who were busy away Ram shopping but yet again meated lambs sold to good rates and topped at PS97 for Texels from M/s A Walton & Sons, Red House Farm.