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Note that suppliers who provide installation services in conjunction with materials--such as metal fabricators--may be considered subcontractors under California statute and would need to be licensed to enforce mechanic's liens.
This session will teach one: why mechanic's liens were created; the necessary steps required to protect your rights; the difference between mechanic's liens and bond claims; identifying the ladder of supply; and, similarities and differences between the states.
Sales were originally slated to launch at the Carriage House during the fall of 2007 under a Citi Habitats marketing team, but the developers wound up falling behind on their loan payments, and by the summer of 2009, they were facing lawsuits from two lenders for a total of around $20 million, in addition to 25 mechanic's liens.
The Home Repair and Remodeling Act prevents mechanic's liens on a residence when there is an oral contract for work that exceeds $1,000, ISBA Real Property Newsletter (March 2008), Vol 53, No 9.
In New Hampshire, contractors and suppliers can obtain security for payment through mechanic's liens and bond claims.
Text covers the range of mortgages available to clients as borrowers, the legal consequences of different types of mortgages, and the varieties of liens that can occur as a result of mortgages, including federal tax liens and mechanic's liens.
One of the biggest thorns in the side of building owners and co-op apartment buildings is what to do about mechanic's liens.
In addition, the bank appealed the trial court's finding that two other parties' mechanic's liens filed in 1987 were valid and related back to Hutchens' date on the same basis.
Accomplishing this is not always easy when it comes to mechanic's liens and lien waivers.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Waterscape Resorts, an affiliate of Solly Assa's Assa Properties, said contractors and subcontractors have filed around $20 million in mechanic's liens against the condominium-hotel in order to guarantee their payments, hindering sales and causing the developer to default.
The CD can be used to search primary source material, draft construction contracts, modify AIA document clauses, prove construction claims, prepare mechanic's liens in all 50 states, and research the legal basis in construction litigation claims.