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Myers handles a wide array of complex commercial litigation matters in the areas of construction law, contractor licensing and regulation, mechanics liens, surety and bond law and construction claims.
Mechanics liens are built upon state statutes and based on the project's location--not where the customer is.
His practice focuses almost exclusively on construction-related matters including representing parties in bid protests, contract disputes, mechanics liens and surety law.
In addition to the outstanding mezzanine and mortgage loans, Swig has been hit by millions of dollars in mechanics liens by contractors who have not been paid since late 2008.
As a result of I&C's failure to timely pay Northeast, Northeast sent notices of intent to file mechanics liens on the non-debtor real property to the third party owners.
All mechanics liens must be recorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which the subject property is located.
Where improvements are made to an existing improvement covered by a permanent loan deed of trust, the deed of trust will take priority over the mechanics liens.