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Mortality rates did not differ significantly according to mechanism of injury, although PMVCs had the highest mortality rate per mechanism of injury.
Queries were run to provide counts of mechanism of injury (fall), place of occurrence, and activity codes.
A dismounted mechanism of injury combined with LOC resulted in a significantly higher percentage of medication intake.
2008), modified by the addition of age, gender, comorbidities, mechanism of injury (based on Ecodes), transfer status, the GCS motor component, and systolic blood pressure, to control for confounding.
Summary of demographic data and mechanism of injury n (%) Gender Male 23 (70) Female 10 (3) Age (years) Median 35 Interquartile ratio 27 - 43 Mechanism of injury Motor vehicle accident 29 (88) Assault 2 (6) Pedestrian/vehicle accident 1 (3) Fell off a bicycle 1 (3)
Lifting and moving the Waka is also a mechanism of injury.
Evidence is insufficient to advise patients with TBI or their health care providers about other risk factors for depression, including age, gender, area of brain injured, or mechanism of injury.
The most common mechanism of injury was involvement in a road traffic accident [1, 3].
For the purposes of this guideline, severe TBI was defined as a brain injury incurred by a traumatic mechanism of injury with a resultant level of consciousness categorized by a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 8 or lower.
Differences in mechanism of injury and disposition categories between these two groups were compared using the Chi-square test.
Surveillance information available included date of injury, sex and age of the victim, location on the farm of the injury event, nature of injury, body part affected, agent causing injury, mechanism of injury, and an electronic text of circumstances leading to the event.
Predictors explored included age, gender, mechanism of injury, intention, alcohol intoxication, and types of injuries.