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Analysis of the mechanism of injury suggests ejection from the ATV as the predominate cause of kidney injury.
Opponent's blow struggle 59 Mechanism of Injury Own blow struggle 35 Other factor 32 Type of Blow Struggle Responsible Immobilization / arm or leg for Injury wrenches / bottlenecks 87 Projection / fall 37 Others 2 Training 88 Situation of Injury Competitions 29 47.
Non-contact mechanism of injury was noted in the other 27.
Furthermore, the indication for CTA and the pulse examination are different in certain cases; for example, a patient with a decreased pulse had mechanism of injury as indication and therefore the results are presented separately as per indication and pulse examination.
HE], that is specific to the middle-age and geriatric trauma populations and accounts for unique role that mechanism of injury plays in this population.
The injury distribution can also illuminate the mechanism of injury or the associated circumstance (e.
head injury and fractured femur) Significant mechanism of injury (e.
These changes in the cause and mechanism of injury deaths suggest that previous estimates of cost associated with fatal injuries are not representative of current costs.
However, this case was unique due to the unusual mechanism of injury (rolling of her toes in grass), the relative rarity of evaluation of such injuries in chiropractic clinics, and the subtle nature of the complaint.
3) The most common mechanism of injury is motor vehicle accidents, with the majority of patients riding as unrestrained passengers.
The model also stipulates that information about football injuries should include date of injury, date of return to football activities, injury types, location of injury, mechanism of injury and a measure of severity.
While George is currently symptom-free, retrospective video review of the second incident identified the mechanism of injury which was previously unsighted on the field of play.